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Šifra 151258 | VR 3D glasses, black

New generation virtual reality glasses for the ultimate virtual reality experience. The glasses are made out of lightweight ABS and have a luxurious magnetic closing system to keep your phone in place during usage. The non toxic headband is made out of comfortable and durable materials and adjustable to any head size. The soft cushioning ensures comfort during longer periods of usage. The lenses are high quality optical resin lenses that can be adjusted to ensure the ultimate viewing experience. On the side there is a button to adjust the distance to the screen of your phone to ensure the right viewing angle. Suitable for all mobile phones up to 6”.

Količina (kom.)50100250500
Cijena (Kn)101,7789,3281,7774,75
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Veličina: 19,5 x 14,0 x 10,0 cm.