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Šifra 156924 | Vibe wireless charging speaker, silver

No Vibe? No Party and and no flat battery! This amazing 6W speaker combines amazing sounds with a great bass that you can actually feel for the ultimate music experience. The speaker has an integrated 5W wireless charger that allows you to charge your mobile phone by simply placing it on top of the speaker. The speaker is made out of high quality aluminium to enhance the sound quality. It comes with an extra-long 150 cm micro USB cable. In case you want to use both functions it is recommended to keep the speaker connected to a power source. Without using the wireless charger, the speaker has a play time up to 8 hours using a 4.400 mAh battery and BT 4.1. Including mic and pick up function to answer calls. Registered design®

Količina (kom.)102550100
Cijena (Kn)516,27451,87414,57378,93
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Veličina: 13,0 x 7,0 x 7,0 cm.