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Šifra 157242 | Stick-On-Stand Bluetooth® speaker

Stick-On-Stand Bluetooth® speaker. Quality sound in a small form that plays music or other audio from a Bluetooth® enabled device. Perfect for anyone that travels and is on-the-go, or it can simply sit at a desk in an office setting. The speaker features suction cups on the back making it a great phone stand. The suction cups will also make it extra secure on most flat surfaces. Bluetooth® working range is 10 meters (33 feet). Provides up to 2 hours of music at max volume on a single charge. The charging time is 1 hour. ABS plastic.

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Količina (kom.)501002501000
Cijena (Kn)76,2674,2272,1866,67
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Veličina: 8,5 cm x 5,4 cm x 2 cm