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Šifra 156898 | Double 5W wireless charger, white

Double 5W wireless charging pad that allows you to charge two mobile phones without any wires simultaneously. Simply plug in the wireless charging pad using the 150 cm micro USB cable to a USB power source and you can charge your phone whenever you want by simply placing them on the pad. When charging two devices it is recommended to use a 2.1A USB charger to maintain the optimal charging speed. Made out of ABS. Wireless charging compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android latest generation, iPhone 8 and up. Input: 5V/1A, wireless output 5V/1A 5W.

Količina (kom.)102550100
Cijena (Kn)280,86245,68225,75206,19
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Veličina: 19,1 x 10,4 x 0,9 cm.