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Šifra 156894 | Bamboo X 5W wireless charger, brown

Keep your phone charged with his this eco 5W wireless charger that will blend perfectly with your home/environment. Simply plug in the Bamboo X wireless charger using the 150 cm micro USB cable to a USB power source and you can charge your phone whenever you want. The casing is made out of durable bamboo and fabric made out of a blend of 30% Organic cotton, Hemp 40% and 30% recycled PET. Wireless charging compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android latest generation, iPhone 8, 8S and X. Input: 5V/2A. Wireless output: 5V/1A 5W. Registered design®

Količina (kom.)102550100
Cijena (Kn)181,20158,85145,56133,11
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Veličina: 9,2 x o 1,7 cm.