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Šifra 148794 | Atlanta travel set of go clean bags

Atlanta travel set of go clean bags. Discover a world of difference with BRIGHTtravels products that enable you to travel lighter and smarter. Set includes one zipped carrying bag (size 28
x 24cm) that doubles as storage or use, one shoe bag (26 x 41cm), one laundry bag (40 x 50cm) and one bag (size 29 x 25cm) for all travel accessories or necessities to store for example your iPad or tablet. Includes a guide with 5 packing tips to 'Pack Like A Pro'. Exclusive design. Ripstop polyester. 103.

Količina (kom.)501002501000
Cijena (Kn)27,7827,0326,2724,76
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Veličina: 28 cm x ,3 cm x 23 cm