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Šifra 157024 | Air 5W wireless charging notebook cover A5, black

This notebook cover with removable notebook (128 lined pages of 80 g/m2) boasts the latest technology. The front cover has a wireless charging pad for your phone. (Android latest generations, iPhone 8 and up). Older phones and tablets can be charged via the USB ports from the 4.000 mAh powerbank. The unique USB ports pop up with a simple click of a button. Input: 5.0V/1.0A. Output: 5.0V/2.1A. Wireless Output: 5W. Registered design®

Količina (kom.)102550100
Cijena (Kn)455,27398,19365,65334,01
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Veličina: 22,9 x 17,4 x 2,4 cm.